In 1996, Barbara founded Allpet Veterinary Clinic. Finally, she could practice veterinary medicine in the way she wanted and in the setting she wanted. Barbara had high ideals. She practiced with kindness toward all of her animal patients, she practiced with the integrity of her professional convictions, and she practiced with compassion toward the devoted owners of the animals that were brought to her for care.

She belonged to several organizations including:

Delta Society; Barbara was a quintessential practitioner of the society's philosophy. While university scholarship and research are important, objectivity and reason are not necessarily the prime motivators of human activity. It is vital, especially when dealing with animal issues, also to consider compassion and caring.

Barbara enjoyed bird watching and was a member of the National Audubon Society.

She played golf and tennis. She studied mushrooms and was an avid mushroom hunter along with Samir. She was a supporter and contributor to a number of Environmental Groups. She was a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother. She was a friend to many. She was a frequent consultant and guest speaker to various animal interest groups.

She contributed financially and volunteered hours too numerous to count, to the House Rabbit Society & to Rabbit Meadows.

The one word people use over and over to describe Barbara is compassionate. She was compassionate towards humans and animals alike.

When each grandchild was announced she was as excited as if they were to be her own children. She “forced” photos on everyone who would hold still. She was such a proud grandmother. She is survived by her husband, Samir; A daughter, Lamya and her husband, Russell Morgan, and their two children, Perrin & Drake; And by a son, Sami and his wife, Marie, and their son Anthony.